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Why Choose Verizeal?

Choose Verizeal for unparalleled shipping efficiency and cost-effectiveness. Streamline your logistics with our innovative solutions, ensuring compliance, reducing delays, and maximizing savings for your business.

Unmatched Efficiency

Say goodbye to the complexities of shipping. With Verizeal, experience a world where your shipping processes are not just faster but smarter.

Regulatory Mastery

Navigating the maze of shipping regulations? Leave it to us. We ensure your shipments are always compliant, avoiding costly fines and delays.

Cost-Effective Solutions

Our innovative approach means more savings for you. With Verizeal, cutting costs doesn’t mean cutting corners.

You’re Looking for Automation

You Want to Reduce Risk

You’re Looking To Save Money

Ship Globally, Worry-Free

With Verizeal, your reach is limitless. Ship to any corner of the world with the confidence that comes from our expert-backed, technology-driven solutions.

Before & After: Real Results, Real Success

Embark on a journey of tangible success with our cutting-edge shipping solution. Witness the metamorphosis as businesses transition from operational challenges to streamlined efficiency.



World Emblem's Transformation

  • Struggling with shipping complexities and inefficiencies.
  • 99% On-Time Shipping Record
  • Saved 3-5 Minutes Per Shipment
  • Streamlined Global Operations

Acer's Leap Forward

  • Juggling over 400,000 packages annually with inefficiencies.
  • Saved Over $180,000 Annually
  • Integrated Cloud-Based Solution
  • Efficient Handling of 400,000+ Shipments

Ivy League University's Breakthrough

  • Manual, paper-based shipping processes.
  • Green, Cloud-Based Solution
  • Improved Regulatory Compliance
  • Centralized Shipping in a Decentralized Environment

Ship With Confidence. Ship With Verizeal

Join the ranks of satisfied clients who have transformed their shipping processes with us. With Verizeal, it’s not just about shipping. It’s about shipping smarter, faster, and with unparalleled efficiency.

Case Studies & Success Stories

Dive into the narratives of triumph and innovation as we present our curated case studies and success stories. Explore firsthand accounts of businesses that have harnessed the potential of our shipping solution to overcome challenges and achieve unparalleled success in the world of logistics.

Unlocking Efficiency and Savings: Acer Deploys Strategic Transportation Management Solution

World Emblem

Scaling for Growth: World Emblem Automates and Accelerates Shipping Operations with Verizeal

Our Happy Clients

Our work benefits our clients’ businesses, but don’t take our words for granted. Check out our clients’ reviews.

Gabriel Rodriguez

Project Manager, World Emblem

“The time savings quickly add up, especially when our business ships thousands or orders daily.”

Alan J. Wang

Senior Director of IT, Acer 

“As Acer grows, Verizeal has been very effective to our business objectives, changes and goals. Verizeal software is scalable and customizable, and its tech support has been able to accommodate our needs quickly and effectively.”

Kevin Charbonneau, CHP

EHS Deputy Director

“Verizeal has helped our university significantly reduce its shipping risk. With Verizeal, our users are taken through a step-by-step process to properly classify, mark, label, and package research materials. Managing thousands of shipments each year has become simplified, as everything is automated; shipments are easily tracked; and the reporting dashboard allows administration to instantly view their shipment history.”

Elaine Tam

Tax & AP Manager, Acer

” Verizeal expedites the AP process by allowing us to upload invoices for online review, share data with others for questions or approvals, ensure that credits are made for late significant amounts of money on shipping while saving time processing and paying the carrier invoices.” 

Alan J. Wang

Senior Director of IT, Acer 

“Verizeal is our premium IT service partner. We leverage their strength, expertise, and online tools to streamline our shipping operation and coordinate with carriers. It is a successful outsourcing model which helps us fulfill our business objectives.”


Find quick answers to your questions in our FAQ section, covering everything from service details to helpful tips for a seamless experience.

Verizeal is a transportation management solution designed to simplify and automate shipping processes, helping businesses save time and money.

Verizeal helps reduce shipping costs by automating various aspects of the shipping process, which can lead to faster global shipments, cuts in customs delays, and decreased documentation efforts.

Yes, Verizeal automates regulatory compliance, simplifies safety and risk management, and ensures accurate records, particularly in hazmat compliance.

Verizeal boosts warehouse efficiency by increasing productivity, streamlining order fulfillment, optimizing load planning, and integrating automation.

Yes, it offers enhanced customer experience through real-time visibility, allowing users to monitor shipments and payments, and optimize costs and services.

Verizeal is secured by technology and built on an enterprise-grade cloud platform with granular privacy controls.

Verizeal incorporates blockchain technology to create a secure, transparent system for decentralized and tamper-resistant transactions, enhancing data integrity and trust.

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