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Origin to destination visibility, reliability and simplicity for all.

Collaborative Logistics Platform

Verizeal’s collaborative logistics platform empowers businesses to manage risk and drive profitability in the global supply chain. Gain complete visibility, streamline communication, and invite all parties to enhance collaboration, all in one platform benefiting from real-time tracking, centralized data storage, and blockchain-backed security for a resilient and customer-centric approach to logistics.


The Power of Real-Time Visibility

Verizeal provides real-time visibility for businesses in the logistics industry, enabling them to track shipments using IoT devices and sensors. Experience faster monitoring, automated alerts, and accurate information on location, status, and estimated delivery time, resulting in optimized operations, cost reduction, informed transportation decisions, and personalized customer service.

Hazmat Compliance and Task Management

Verizeal ensures organizations comply with hazmat regulations by providing timely updates and helping users maintain accurate records. The platform also assists with classifying hazardous materials and generating necessary documentation, simplifying compliance processes and ensuring adherence to regulatory standards and reducing penalties.

Warehouse Efficiency and Operations

Verizeal enhances warehouse efficiency and productivity through its Transportation Management System (TMS). This software solution manages and optimizes transportation operations, automating order processing and integrating with other enterprise systems for seamless information flow. By optimizing load planning and considering various factors, Verizeal reduces transportation costs and improves overall efficiency in the order fulfillment process.

Peace of Mind Security and Privacy

Verizeal’s platform incorporates blockchain technology and advanced enhancements on an enterprise-grade cloud platform. It ensures privacy controls, preventing unauthorized access to information. With data securely recorded on the blockchain, it becomes immutable, distributed across multiple nodes for resilience, and transactions are protected by public-key cryptography, ensuring secure and transparent operations on the platform.
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