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Verizeal provides a convenient and easy to use platform that makes interfaces simple and intuitive for users at all levels—from shippers to carriers to brokers
Real-Time Visibility

Verizeal enhances real-time visibility by providing users with a comprehensive logistics platform that enables tracking and monitoring of shipments, facilitating proactive decision-making and improving overall supply chain visibility.

Export Compliance

Verizeal assists businesses in export compliance by offering solutions such as restricted parties screening, documentation management, and regulatory updates, enabling organizations to navigate the complexities of export regulations, mitigate risks, and ensure legal compliance in their cross-border trade activities.

Hazmat Compliance

Verizeal facilitates hazmat compliance by providing tools and features for accurate classification, documentation generation, and record-keeping, ensuring businesses adhere to hazardous materials (hazmat) regulations and maintain compliance throughout their supply chain operations.

Blockchain Integration

Verizeal integrates blockchain technology into its platform, ensuring data integrity, enhancing security, and providing transparent and verifiable transactions throughout the supply chain.

Task Management

Verizeal streamlines task management by providing a collaborative logistics platform that enables efficient task allocation, tracking, and completion across the supply chain.

Warehouse Efficiency

Verizeal improves warehouse efficiency by offering solutions such as streamlined order fulfillment, seamless integration with enterprise systems, and optimization of load planning, enabling businesses to maximize resources, reduce costs, and enhance overall operational performance.

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Faster global shipments

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Reduced shipping costs

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Industries We Serve

Whether you’re shipping products, managing inventory, or optimizing supply chain operations, Verizeal provides tailored solutions to meet the unique needs of your industry. Discover how Verizeal can transform your logistics and supply chain management processes today.

Collaborative Ecosystem

Verizeal provides a comprehensive logistics platform that empowers brokers, carriers, and shippers with streamlined operations, real-time visibility, enhanced efficiency, and seamless collaboration, optimizing their logistics processes and driving overall supply chain success.

Verizeal empowers freight brokers with actionable insights, real-time tracking, centralized data storage, and blockchain-backed security to minimize disruptions, enhance transparency, and focus on delivering for end users. The platform enables informed decision-making, risk management, and streamlined operations throughout the supply chain.


Verizeal's platform optimizes last-mile delivery with AI-powered route calculations, reducing costs and enabling fast, reliable, and profitable transportation. It empowers carriers to enhance services, improve supply chains, offer flexible delivery options, and proactively address potential issues, all while ensuring data security and transparency.


Verizeal's real-time visibility enables successful shipping by improving communication with carriers, enhancing customer experiences, mitigating risks, optimizing operations, minimizing losses, providing high-quality data, and freeing up resources through supply chain automation for increased productivity.

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