Press Release: Verizeal Launches Next Generation Cloud-based Logistics Solution Simplifies Global Shipping Process

Innovative Platform Increases Real-Time Visibility, Accelerates Shipment Execution and Automates Export & Hazmat Compliance

DALLAS, TX, USA, August 22, 2023/ — Verizeal, a provider of collaborative shipping solutions, proudly announced the general availability of its innovative cloud-based shipping and logistics solution platform, revolutionizing the global logistics landscape. With a focus on seamless transportation and digital documentation operations, effortless export, and hazmat compliance, Verizeal empowers businesses to excel in the global market and ship with confidence.

In today’s fast-paced world, real-time visibility and same-day shipping are crucial. Verizeal’s platform brings unparalleled transparency, enabling businesses to schedule, track, and certify shipments in real time. Customers gain complete control and valuable insights into every step of the transportation process, ensuring efficiency, timely deliveries, and cost control.

The new cloud-based solution is expected to:

• Accelerate domestic and international shipments by 30%

• Reduce customs delays by 25%

• Eliminate up to 95% of calls to shippers for classifications of shipments

• Capture cost savings or eliminate unexpected charges

• Increase efficiency and operation effectiveness with automated workflows

• Optimize the shipping processes with load consolidation, carrier selection, and freight auditing

• Reduce carbon emission through optimized shipment consolidation

• Slash documentation effort by up to 60%

“With more than 20 years of complex shipping and electronic documentation experience in parcel, LTL, truckload, air, and intermodal, we took the opportunity to reimagine how a global transportation management should operate,” said Srini Vasan, CEO and president of Verizeal. “Our vision is to be an innovation partner that drives value for our customers and enables them to ship with confidence.”

Export and hazmat compliance are critical components of international trade. With Verizeal, businesses can navigate complex and ever-changing regulatory requirements effortlessly. The platform’s hazmat compliance feature ensures adherence to hazardous materials regulations, including accurate classification and streamlined documentation generation for seamless shipments.

Shipping with confidence is at the core of Verizeal’s mission. Backed by blockchain technology, the platform ensures immutable data integrity, transparency, enhanced security, and complete privacy controls. The Verizeal solution provides a one-stop shipping platform with one fee to cover the entire journey, the ability to properly classify packages, complete hazmat and compliance requirements, verify international as well as state-specific shipping requirements resulting in faster shipments, more predictable costs, and fewer delays and unexpected charges. With these advanced features, businesses can confidently mitigate risks, reduce delays, and optimize shipping operations for cost-efficient deliveries and greater confidence.

Key Features of Verizeal’s Platform:

• Real-Time Visibility: Track shipments in real-time with IoT devices and sensors.

• Export & Hazmat Compliance: Seamlessly comply with regulations for international trade.

• Blockchain Integration: Ensure data integrity, security, and transparency.

• Risk Management: Proactively address potential issues and ensure on-time deliveries.

• Streamlined Operations: Optimize supply chain processes and enhance productivity.

• Collaborate Platform: Connects all supply chain partners for the latest status

• Enables real-time sharing for shipment planning, execution, and settlement

The launch of Verizeal’s innovative platform marks a significant milestone for the logistics industry. The company’s dedication to customer-centric solutions promises to redefine transportation management.

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About Verizeal:

Verizeal simplifies global shipping and transportation management. Shippers leverage our cloud-based collaborative logistics platform to manage the entire transportation process, making it easy to share information, ensure compliance, accelerate paperless documentation, and improve visibility throughout transit. Verizeal is backed by blockchain for the highest level of security, traceability, and confidence. Businesses benefit from Verizeal to cost-effectively scale their businesses, automate shipping, gain real-time visibility, enable collaboration and compliance, and monitor critical analytics with confidence. To find out more about Verizeal, a wholly-owned subsidiary of eShipGlobal, go to and follow us on LinkedIn.

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