Scaling for Growth: World Emblem Automates and Accelerates Shipping Operations with Verizeal

In the competitive world of apparel manufacturing and distribution, World Emblem has grown into an industry powerhouse. As they charted their course for continued growth, World Emblem encountered challenges tied to shipping complexities, import/export regulations, and the pressing need for automation to meet increasing demand. World Emblem realized it was time to find a partner capable of addressing their current requirements and innovating and adapting for future needs. That search led them to Verizeal.

Elevating On-Time Performance
World Emblem is known for its rapid order cycle time. Customer orders received in the morning are often manufactured and shipped the same day. This commitment to exceptional customer service requires on-time performance excellence. It’s a metric that the entire company focuses on. “We looked at every area of our operations to boost customer service and quality with a very customized product,” stated Jim Kozel, Chief Operating Officer of World Emblem. Verizeal has played a pivotal role in helping World Emblem achieve a 99% on-time shipping record.

Leading global provider of fast turn, high quality, customized apparel products that bring brands to life.

  • 4,200 embroidery heads
  • 880,000+ emblems
    manufactured daily
  • 99% on-time shipping record
  • Global: United States, Mexico, Canada and Europe


  • Shipping complexities
  • Import/export regulations
  • Lack of automation

Boosting Shipping Efficiency
The benefits of partnering with Verizeal quickly became evident for World Emblem. Their shipping efficiency soared, saving precious minutes on each shipment. As Gabriel Rodriguez of
World Emblem noted, “The time savings quickly add up, especially when our business ships thousands of orders daily.” Verizeal’s capacity to consolidate multiple orders bound for the same customer destination improved the flow within World Emblem’s distribution centers and unlocked more favorable shipping rates. These savings could then be passed on to customers.

Streamlining Import/Export Complexities
As a thriving apparel manufacturer operating in the United States, Mexico, Canada, and Europe, World Emblem was faced with the opportunities and complexities of managing export and import processes, especially concerning shipments to and from Mexico.

Verizeal’s expertise in import/export and IPD capabilities and compliance provided a much-needed solution. Automating many of these processes and leveraging digital documentation saved time and freed up valuable resources while ensuring compliance with changing regulations.

Increased Order Visibility

By integrating Verizeal seamlessly with Microsoft Business Central 365, World Emblem boosted visibility and the capacity to fulfill more orders daily. The company also reclaimed a valuable hour of productivity every day, amounting to over four days a month or an impressive 48 days of productive time annually. As Kozel noted, “We’ve removed a substantial roadblock and unlocked greater operational efficiency with Verizeal.”

World Emblem also capitalized on carrier pickup windows, particularly in Mexico. With Verizeal’s support, the company prioritized shipments according to carrier pickup appointments for the day. This seemingly simple adjustment was a gamechanger, opening up an entire 24 hours of new-found productivity through extended shipping windows and more efficient customer order fulfillment.

A Winning Partnership
One of the standout features of World Emblem’s success with Verizeal has been the exceptional partnership they formed. The initiative has not only helped automate shipping but has also unleashed new productivity based on the fulfillment, import/export, and logistics expertise the Verizeal team brings to the table.

A Future Focused on Growth
World Emblem remains committed to innovation and growth, driving exciting plans for the future. In partnership with Verizeal, World Emblem has excelled at solving complex compliance issues, maximized productivity, strengthened customer partnerships, and enhanced growth.

ROI Metrics

  • Improved Customer Service to 99% On-Time
  • Unleashed 48 days a year of productivity based on daily performance
  • Reclaimed 24 hours of new shipping productivity by capitalizing on carrier pickup schedules
  • Increased productivity with automation to enable scalable growth
  • Saved 3 to 5 minutes per shipment for thousands of shipments a day
  • Automated the import/export process for greater efficiency and confidence
  • Passed on savings to customers
  • IPD features saved time, automated paperwork, lowered warehouse costs, and reduced clearance fees
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