TMS for Government Agencies

Government agencies must develop infrastructure to keep cars safe and moving on the road, often with a limited budget. Growing urban populations, increasing traffic congestion, and levels of resource consumption are some of the challenges they face.  They also need a logistics solution that upholds the highest standards of security, transparency, and efficiency.

What is a TMS for Government Organizations?

A TMS or Transportation Management System is a logistics platform that uses technology to help government agencies plan and optimize the physical movement of goods. It ensures that the shipment is compliant, and the proper documentation is included. This system provides visibility in daily transportation operations, trade documentation, and the delivery of goods. The shipping process is streamlined so that agencies can optimize their transportation operations.

Transportation management systems play an important role in supply chains because they affect every part of it. The visibility provided by a TMS leads to more efficient transportation planning and

Why a Government Agency Needs a TMS

The Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act (IIJA) allocates over $350 billion in funding for major projects in the United States. Government organizations must use these funds to determine what needs to be done. A TMS can be used to monitor, maintain, and control these projects and equipment throughout their lifecycle. A TMS allows for the data to be shared throughout departments so operations can be organized efficiently.

From shipping important medical supplies to shipping internationally, government organizations must adhere to strict quality control and compliance documentation. TMS that are powered by machine learning provide more accurate data and predictions. They have developed features in the software that provides faster responses and more detailed information about tasks. Machine learning has enabled TMS software to be more intelligent and provide better recommendations and more accurate predictions.

Specifically, a TMS can help government agencies in the following ways:

Data Collection

Most data conditions are collected manually currently. A TMS can collect data in a standardized and accessible way. Paperwork is not being sent to a home office and the data is all readily available via the TMS. Often times multiple departments within agencies have silos of data that are not exchanged so performance reports and other metrics are difficult to review. With a TMS real-time data from GPS devices and sensors can be used to give an accurate depiction of the current status of a project or a shipment.


Government agencies need to be able to protect valuable assets and information from cybersecurity threats. An agency’s asset management system tracks what equipment is in stock and where it is in transit. Protecting this data from attacks can prevent delays in service. Because Verizeal’s TMS is backed by blockchain, all data is kept secure. A TMS helps to navigate customs clearance, documentation, and international shipping regulations for international shipments. This is especially useful for important documentation that needs to be sent reliably and securely.

Real-time Visibility

Certain government agencies have important tasks that would benefit from real-time visibility. Cloud-based transportation management systems provide a central location to view and consolidate data whether it’s managing bus routes to minimize traffic delays or sending critical shipments like vaccines. A TMS allows for any project to be monitored in real-time at every stage of the supply chain. With global trade management functionality, it can also give information on tariffs and avoid potential delays due to customs.

Transparent Reporting

Government agencies are held to a different standard than regular companies. Because tax dollars and state and federal funds are being used for projects, there must be complete transparency in reporting. Detailed logs and reports help to ensure accountability at every step of the process.

Cost Effectiveness

Government agencies operate on a budget that needs to be adhered to. A cloud-based transportation management system improves economies of scale, lowers the total cost of ownership and does not charge upgrade fees. This leads to a faster return on investment (ROI).  As expectations rise in regard to shipping and ever-changing global trade regulations are forcing supply chains to innovate, investing in a transportation management system is well worth the cost.

TMS for Government Agencies with Verizeal

Government agencies require a logistics solution that has the most efficient transparency and security. Verizeal will ensure that every governmental shipment is managed with care and precision and is backed by blockchain for the highest level of security. We use innovative technology to help government agencies use an information base that makes it easier to manage the entire shipping process.  

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