Transportation Management Systems for Schools and Universities

Schools and universities are changing due to technological advancements by using more integrations to improve facilities and infrastructure. A Transportation Management System (TMS) can benefit schools and universities in multiple ways—the two main ways being by managing their transportation services and their shipping processes.

What is a Transportation Management System?

A TMS or Transportation Management System is a database-driven software solution that can aid colleges and universities in a variety of ways. For example, this software can manage a fleet of school buses and vehicles more effectively. It can easily can be integrated with the school management ERP so that driver allocation, data, and vehicle numbers are in one place.

A TMS can also aid in administrative tasks such as shipping of items and documentation. However a TMS is utilized, school administrators receive rapid feedback on these types of tasks based on parameters. Because of its many benefits, TMS’s are becoming more commonly used at colleges and universities.

TMS for University Transportation Services and Fleet Management

Many colleges and universities provide transportation around campus for their students and staff. The use of transportation methods on university and college campus affects parking, traffic, land usage, and sustainability.

Larger universities have multiple buildings, campuses, and housing units, which results in a need to connect them via technology. Universities and colleges are challenged with managing transportation services that are safe and reliable for their entire community, many times at different campuses or locations. This requires the correct planning and design of the system.

The use of a TMS for the management of the transportation services at a college or university starts with GPS devices installed in school vehicles so they can be tracked at all times. Many schools also have an app that streams live TV footage from the vehicles and is connected to the TMS. The software can be integrated with external route management software to find the best routes to use. Vehicle location can be provided in real-time to reduce waiting times or alert users to potential delays.

A TMS also makes it easier to rearrange driver schedules as needed to accommodate changes. This keeps the school bus schedule on track and helps in avoiding bus delays. Since every school vehicle has a GPS tracker installed, the school administration can monitor the fleet in real-time and address areas that need improvement.

TMS for University Shipping Needs

A TMS can provide valuable assistance to colleges and universities in their shipping services as well. Colleges and universities handle thousands of inbound and outbound parcels each year, which can become overwhelming and time-consuming to handle. A TMS manages both inbound and outbound shipping needs.  

Internal: Most college mail centers are not equipped to be able to handle the volume of mail and parcels received each school year. The process of sifting through parcels and sending delivery notifications to students and staff can be time-consuming, especially during peak times. With the use of a TMS, shipping processes are streamlined and centralized, cutting down on delays and missed deadlines. By combining shipping rates, and centralized billing, a TMS can help a university save on shipping costs.

International: The number of students studying abroad has increased substantially, as has the number of international students studying in the U.S. which requires a flow of materials, student transcriptions, VISA documents, and other important documentation. A TMS helps to navigate customs clearance, documentation, and international shipping regulations for international shipments for students or for global research collaborations. This is especially useful for important documentation that needs to be sent reliably and securely.

Research Lab: Higher universities often have research laboratories that require the shipping of biological specimens. A TMS can help laboratory researchers, professors, and students with the handling and shipping of hazardous materials by land or air. For items that need to be shipped in a temperature-controlled vehicle, a TMS can assist with ensuring the item is handled correctly, as well as ensure compliance with the rules established by domestic and international administrations.

Verizeal for Your University’s Transportation and Shipping Needs

Colleges and universities can take advantage of a TMS to make daily management of the campus easier. Partnering with Verizeal allows colleges and universities to spend their time on other tasks other than shipping and organizing transportation. Verizeal can help ensure that every shipment, whether inter-departmental or international, is handled correctly. Our segmented tracking and international capabilities make sending packages and documents internationally efficient and secure.

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