White Glove Delivery Service: Is it the Way to Go?

With so many goods being purchased online, there has been a need to upgrade certain shipping services. White glove delivery service is a specialized delivery service for these types of nontraditional items. Most often, it includes the unpacking, assembly, setup, and removal of packaging materials. This type of delivery service is becoming more common because of the convenience it offers. The U.S. white glove services market size is projected to grow from $8.78 billion in 2023 to $20.25 billion by 2030.

What is White Glove Delivery Service?

White glove delivery service is a comprehensive, premium delivery package. It assures that items arrive without damage. It also allows customers to track their order throughout the delivery process. While the term originated from the white gloves worn by butlers, it is now used to describe a personalized shipping service.

This type of delivery service goes beyond traditional delivery and may include putting the item in the desired location, unpacking, and installing it. The item receives special attention, which minimizes the risk for damage. For electronics, the customer does not need to worry about the installation process.

The white glove delivery process includes:

  • Packaging that is dependent on the size and nature of the product to ensure safe transportation.
  • Secure shipping process in vehicles that are designed for the type of delivery. This might include padding, refrigeration, or temperature control.
  • Deliveries that are on time with handlers that unload and unpack the goods in the customer’s preferred location.
  • Assembly and/or installation of items.
  • Getting rid of the packaging material.

Retailers offer white glove delivery to customers if they want the item delivered directly to them. The cost depends on the type of item being delivered and the special requirements. White glove is offered by logistics providers that specialize in large or delicate deliveries.

White Glove Delivery Benefits

White glove services have benefits over traditional shipping:

  • Because extra attention is paid during the process of handling, shipping, delivering, unloading, and unpacking the shipment, the chance of damage in transit is highly reduced.
  • Customer Satisfaction. White glove service provides convenience for the customer. Customers do not have to lift heavy items, worry about fragile ones, or assemble the product. White glove delivery service takes care of it all.
  • White glove deliveries are faster and more efficient than traditional shipping services, making it an ideal choice for time-sensitive deliveries.
  • Cost Savings. Depending on the shipment, white glove delivery service may be less expensive than other delivery methods particularly for high-value items.

For certain shipments, white glove delivery makes sense from a customer satisfaction and economical standpoint.

Does My Business Need White Glove Delivery?

Many different industries such as aviation, retail, automotive, healthcare, food services, construction, and manufacturing use white glove delivery services. It is used for large items like appliances, furniture, and electronics or of fragile items that are of high value and may need special handling. The growth of e-commerce has led to an increase in use of these types of shipping services, which is leading to the growth of this market in the U.S.

The retail industry uses white glove delivery services often because they need to deliver large or fragile items like furniture or appliances. These types of items need special handling because of their size and weight. This service is also useful for transporting high value items like jewelry or art pieces in order to protect them from damage or theft. This is a way to secure items so they reach their destination safely.

How to Choose a White Glove Delivery Service

Choosing a white glove delivery service for your business means understanding how a white glove delivery service differs from traditional delivery services. The right white glove service can impact both the customer experience and the bottom line. When researching different providers, consider their services, prices, and customer reviews as well as what their delivery services include. Some providers charge additional fees for assembly or installation.

Verizeal for White Glove Delivery Services

White glove delivery services are an efficient way to transport goods for several industries that require specialized shipping for their items. It’s important that a business choose the type of service that fits their business’s needs. Verizeal offers a comprehensive and personalized white glove shipping service. We cover all of your white glove needs: from picking up, to packaging, to sending your shipments to their destination. Contact us today to find out how we can provide efficient and reliable white glove shipping at reasonable rates.

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